Anti break-in system

Thanks to its long-standing experience in Italy and abroad and to the constant updating on new technologies offered in the market, Elfor is a leader in the design and installation of  anti break-in systems, anti burglary systems, burglar systems, access control and external perimeter systems.
The types of alarm systems used differ according to the goals you wish to pursue and to the type of location that you want to protect, for example: residential, commercial, industrial and banking.
Particular attention is paid by Elfor to the maintenance and service of systems with remote monitoring and control in the area.

Video surveillance

videosorveglianza per case

Video surveillance is currently the most popular security system; the radical renewal of technologies and decreasing costs have made this market accessible to all.

Elfor designs and produces video surveillance systems in residential, commercial, business and industrial sites, offering the best solution depending on the location to be monitored, on the level of security required, on the affordable price range.

Elfor makes use of analogical cameras, IP cameras, mega pixel, thermal cameras, with the possibility of night-time operation even in the absence of light, miniaturized and concealable cameras.
Recording can also be associated with a video analysis of movement that, combined with an alarm system becomes a real burglar alarm system.

Live or recorded images can be viewed on local monitor, remote PC with Internet access and / or all mobile devices (smart phones, Iphone, Ipad etc.)

Fire and gas detection systems

sistema di rilevamento gas e fumo

Elfor is specialized in the design and installation of fire and gas detection systems in public and commercial buildings, industrial sites and highway tunnels in accordance with all the European standards and laws UNI EN, ISO, and with the regulations of the Fire Brigade.
The technologies employed range from traditional analog / digital point sensors, intake systems, heat-sensitive cables, linear thermo velocimeter systems and detection systems by radio.
Elfor takes care of the plants also after their construction, carrying out planned maintenance as required by UNI 11224 (which includes two annual inspections and filling out the fire prevention log) and / or prompt assistance to prevent any service interruptions.